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Tecpro Fillini Plus

Prepare to be amazed – the Tecpro Fillini 15W

Much more light - The regular Fillini already puts out more light than comparable competitors.
The new Fillini Plus looks very similar but provides more than three times the light.

Power (DC 4-15V)

Fillini Plus no longer works with internal batteries.

  • Can be powered from the DC output of professional video cameras or Anton Bauer Gold ount plates (PAG or
  • Swit versions also available)
  • Optional battery shoes hook onto the back of the Fillini Plus in versions for Sony, Panasonic or Canon mini
  • DV battery


Daylight as good and as stable as the best selected white LED’s can provide with today’s state of the art.

Tungsten color (approx. 3200 Kelvin) by flip down filter.

  • Gentle – more and more
  • Small onboard lights with many LED’s are not easy to look into.
  • a. The Fillinis feature an array of micro fresnels offering higher output, better light distribution and easier to look
  •    at than naked LED’s
  • b. The flip down diffusion filter adds a degree of gentleness
  • c. A curved diffusion filter (included) makes it real easy on the eyes – no more squinting

The Flip Down Filters

Look fragile? That’s understandable. Don’t worry, they are made from flexible polycarbonate that can bend and take a beating. With several thousand units on the road, we haven’t had a failure yet. Stop worrying!

Advantage – they don’t get lost.

  • Ball Joint Arm (included)
  • Attaches to camera shoe

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Tecpro Fillini Plus

Tecpro Fillini Plus

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